Welcome to Il Posto Rosso. Chef Shon, our executive chef, and Troy Szczotka – Chef De Cuisine have years of experience creating menus that tie in aspects of the local culture and leverage the sustainable, high-quality products of local food and spirits purveyors. We are committed to our partnerships with numerous local farms, including Castle Valley Farms, Easy Bee Farms, Early Morning Orchard, and the Youth Garden Project. 95% of our produce comes from these local farms.

Additionally, the Radcliffe’s CEO, Rob, has a herd of cattle that supplies meat for our delicious, locally-sourced menu. Il Posto Rosso is a place where guests and the Moab community alike can experience unparalleled culinary excellence

Easy Bee Farm

Easy Bee Farm is comprised of a team of dedicated growers and land stewards who are extremely passionate about growing healthy, nutrient-dense food for their community! We have been growing food and offering CSA shares to the Moab community for six years. Easy Bee Farm grows on three and a half acres and focus on the health of our soil using only organic practices including composting, cover cropping, crop rotation, companion planting, and mulching. We use drip irrigation to conserve water. Pollinators are key to our farm and we promote them however we can through flower, herb, and perennial plantings.

Youth Garden

The Youth Garden Project cultivates healthy children, families, and community through educational programs and connecting people with food from seed to table.

Castle Valley Farms

At Castle Valley Farms our top goal is to cultivate the right characters in our youth. DayStar Adventist Academy, a boarding academy, and Castle Valley Farms operate as one unit specifically for our young adults. Practical skills are gained by the students as they experience a hands-on and very practical approach to learning. From planting through harvest, the students get a first hand look at what it takes to produce food and forages as well as learn many other skills. The simple way of life tends to develop a love for God’s Word and Works. There are few moments as delightful as when a young person proudly shows you the harvest of their own persistent hands.

Early Morning Orchard

Early Morning Orchard is a diverse, small-scale vegetable farm and stone fruit orchard located in Palisade, Colorado. We follow management practices on our clay high desert soil that go beyond organic, employing a variety of techniques to sustainably manage the land with care for the long-term viability of the farm in mind. We take pride in providing our customers with food as beautiful as it is delicious and nutrient-dense.

Colorado’s Paradox Valley

Humility, tenacity, and deep compassion. Greg Spaulding and Marty Warner, dedicated farmers of Colorado’s Paradox Valley and active members of the Paradox community, embody these characteristics in all aspects of their lives. Their small-scale, organic, sustainable, and chemical-free operations have been bring outstanding produce to the local region for the past 10 years.